Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspiration from the Blogosphere.....

I have a large family and with that comes many birthdays!  I do pretty well but I just can never remember them all.  Then, I saw this project over on the American Crafts blog.  Such an awesome idea and definitely one I am going to try out for myself.

Mini Birthday Calendar

Supplies: Havana Paper (35435) - Margarita, Mariachi Paper (35440) - Margarita, Tamale Paper (35434) - Margarita, Guacamole Paper (35437) - Margarita, Printed Variety Tags (85521) - Bits, Printed Long Variety Tags (85553) - Bits, Macaw Taffy (53189) - Thickers, Retreat (42200) - Remarks, Getaway (78050) - Details

1) I first started by choosing four patterned papers out of the Margarita line. I printed out some blank calendars that I put together which you can download and print right here.

2) I cut all the calendar pieces and left a small white border.

3) Next, I cut the patterned paper pieces to 3.5x4.5".

4) Then I adhered the calendar piece towards the bottom half of the patterned paper.

5) I wanted to add a little tab at the top of the calendar pieces so I used some of the Bits variety tags and stapled them to the back of the patterned paper.

6) To finish up, I added some glitter Thickers that match the corresponding month.

7) Here they are all finished!

You could bind these with a jump ring, or sew them together, but I found something that fits them just perfectly. It is a box from Starbucks that holds those yummy cake pops. I only used the bottom portion. It fit the cards perfectly! I just added a few embellishments to finish it off.


Denise Gifford said...

This is such a cool idea.

It would make a perfect gift along with some birthday, and everyday cards.

Now that everyone sends emails and text messages, it is wonderful to get a homemade card in the mail.

Thanks for sharing!

MaryAnn said...

this is so cute and a wonderful idea especially for my 89 yr old mother who is getting forgetful. Maybe I should make one for her.