Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspiration from the Blogosphere.....

I was travelling through blogland again and came across this tutorial that i wanted to share with all of you.  Now remember, these are meant as inspiration.  If you are unable to find the exact products used to create these, grab your favourite line of paper and do your own take on it!  Take the idea and make it yours!!

Today's goodness was found on the American Crafts blog.

Travel Journal Tutorial

Supplies: 12x12 Cardstock Vanilla (71041) - AC Cardstock, 12x12 Cardstock Apricot (71031) - AC Cardstock, 12x12 Cardstock Rocky Road (71466) - AC Cardstock, 12x12 Cardstock Dandelion (71037) - AC Cardstock, Powder Point Camp Paper (35368) - Campy Trails, Appleton Cove Paper (35348) - Campy Trails, Campy Trails Journaling Cards (64009) - JustWrite, Squirrel (77250) - Patchems, Campy Trails Decorative Tags (85534) - Bits, Hot Dog (89397) - Ribbon, Campy Trails Assorted Brads (85535) - Elements, Campy Trails Buttons (85536) - Elements

"It always takes me quite a while to scrapbook my photos after a vacation and sometimes when I finally do scrapbook them I've forgotten many of the details. The solution is of course to write down those details while on vacation. Rather than just bring a notebook along I thought it would be fun to create a little album of journaling cards. I can write my thoughts on them during my trip and when it comes time to scrapbook my vacation the journaling is not only done, but already on journaling cards that I can put right on my layouts! Another plus is that this little book is reusable. Once I remove the journaling cards for my layouts I can refill the book so it’s ready for my next trip! Here's how you can make your own journaling book:"

1) Trim four sheets of earth-toned cardstock to 6 x 12", stack them together and fold them in half, open the papers then stitch or staple them together down the center. Trim the pages to 6 x 4 1/4".

2) Trim a piece of wool felt, leather, or upholstery fabric (something that will be sturdy) to 6 1/4 x 11 1/4". Trace a shaped journaling card along the edge of the felt and trim.

3) Machine or hand-stitch – to add detail to your cover – 1/4 inch from the edge, all the way around the felt. Cut a button hole and add a button to the felt. Secure the pages to the cover by tying with twine as shown.

4) Add journaling cards with removable adhesive (so they are easy to remove later) to the pages. Add some small tags with twine and staples for smaller amounts of journaling.

5) Add some mini paper bags and pockets for ephemera collected on your vacation. I created some library style pockets with cardstock. You can easily make these in any size you want. For mini paper bags, if you don't have any premade ones, you could make your own from larger paper bags.

6) Decorate the cover as desired, I chose ribbons and a cute Patchem.

That's it! Your little journaling book is ready to take on your next getaway!

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Mimita said...

This is a fantastic simple to do craft and it's so cuuute!!!! Thumbs up!!!