Saturday, September 3, 2011

Inspiration from the Blogosphere.......

Here is another fabulous tutorial I found in the blogging world.  I don't know about you but I love my twine from The Twinery and I use it a lot but my bows are kind of inconsistent.  Well, no more, check out this fabulous idea I found.....

By the way, The Twinery's yummy baker's twine is available at Scrapping Turtle
It comes in several delicious colours!

Tying a Perfect Twine Bow

Today I am going to show you a quick tip for tying a perfect bow using a special tool...from your kitchen.

Go grab a fork and some twine and let's get started!

{I am using Pink Sorbet twine}

Step 1:  Lay your fork down on a stable surface with a strand of twine behind it.

Step 2:  Wrap the twine on the right side of the fork over the top of the fork.

Step 3:  Wrap the twine from the left side of the fork (the twine that is still underneath the fork) over the other portion of twine. Thread it through the opening between the middle tines of the fork.

Step 4:  Pull both ends of the twine so it is snug against the fork.

Step 5:  Take the end of the twine from behind the fork and bring it through the top of the opening between the middle tines of the fork.

Step 6:  Tie the two ends of twine together and pull tight to secure the bow.

Step 7:  Remove your bow from the fork and add that cute little bow to your project!

{You can also use this method of tying a bow with ribbon, just be sure to keep the ribbon flat and untwisted as you work to get a beautiful finished product.}

I used this technique for tying a twine bow with The Twinery's Lilac twine on this card:

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