Thursday, November 3, 2011

DT Special Assignment Day!

Using Moulding Paste

By Julie Gillespie

I've been wanting to try this technique for a while so decided that there is no time like the present! You are going to be doing this tutorial right along with me as I experiment....I'm going to be using Moulding Paste in 4 different ways to show you how to add some texture to your projects. Moulding Paste is great because there are a number of different effects that you can get with it...and you can use so many of your current supplies with it as well. This is definitely a "messy" project, not for the faint of scrapbooking heart , but I hope you'll give it a try. I know that I will be trying more of these, so watch for more examples in my upcoming projects. (See also my October "extra" challenge layout. I used gesso on this one with a stencil. I found the gesso was a bit thinner texture than the moulding paste...I think I like the moulding paste better.

My favourite is the last one...but I have lots more stencils and stamps and ideas, so I think I will enjoy playing and experimenting with this medium some more.

Don't forget to thoroughly clean your stamps and stencils before the gesso or moulding paste dries on them.

I'm going to show the 4 techniques in order of steps.

Technique 1:  Smear some paste across your paper. Spread it in different directions so that you will get different areas of texture. I used an old credit card to do this.

Technique 2: Lay a stencil on your paper and smear some paste across the design. Carefully lift the stencil, leaving the raised design intact. If you only want to use part of a stencil you can cover the other sections with paper.

Technique 3: Smear some paste on your paper. Press a rubber or acrylic stamp into the wet paste to imprint the design. (You can also use other things to create texture...think burlap or wire mesh.)

Technique 4: Smear some paste directly onto your rubber or acrylic stamp and press onto the paper to "stamp" your design. (not shown)

Let these dry overnight on their own, or gently dry it with your heat gun.

Technique 1-4: Rub inks across your paper and paste areas to achieve the effect and colours you want. OR Spray your paper and stencilled image with Glimmer Mist Take a slighly damp cloth and rub over the paste areas to remove part of the ink. Ink and mist until you are satisfied with the result. 

Add embellishments of your choice to finish the project. I used rub-ons (found it a bit difficult on the paste areas, but it could have been the rub-on brand rather than the technique)

I also stamped the same image on the card where I stamped into the paste.

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