Thursday, July 28, 2011

DT Special Assignment Day!

This week it is Julie's turn to share some inspiration with us.  She has an article sure to help you find the perfect title for your layout.

Writer’s Block!

Sometimes just the thought of coming up with a title for a layout can reduce even the chattiest person to having writer’s block. I hope that this little article will give those of you that struggle with titles and journaling some things to think about that will help you.

Choosing a Title:

One of the first things I do when looking at photos I want to use on my layout is actually to think about what words or emotions come to mind when I look at the picture. Sometimes, a comment from someone else is also helpful. For this one, my DD said “he looks like a little James Bond”, so that started me thinking about the whole layout and “James Bond ain’t got nothing on me” became the title / journaling. Just as we scraplift layout ideas, don’t be afraid to turn to quote books or to google ideas for “scrapbook titles”. “A Star is Born” is an example that could work on any number of layouts, from a baby in sunglasses, to a small child in his/her first school play, to an adult singing karaoke at a party.

Layout by Julie Gillespie

The title should give your viewers an idea of what the page is about and should tie the theme of multiple photos together, much the same way as the choice of your embellishments does. The style of your layout will also dictate somewhat what your title might be (a vintage page probably wouldn’t lend itself to a cartoon title for instance).

Your title can reflect the actions going on in the photo (i.e., slide, smile, roar) or the emotions you feel when looking at the photo (i.e., perfect, gift). Whether or not you choose to use any other journaling on your page, you title should convey what the layout is about.

Layout by Janie Boots

Layout by Tanya Caple

Layout by Bev Code

Layout by Tammy Spruce

Other sources of inspiration include song lyrics, poems, puns, favourite quotes, even famous movie lines. Just remember though, that simple is sometimes better and a title that reflects the date, time, place or event is often the best choice for your layout.

Layout by Michele Harris

Title Placement:

OK, so now you’ve chosen a title and have to decide where and how to add it to your page. Think outside the square layout! Your title can add as much or more interest to your layout as any embellishment. It doesn’t necessarily have to be placed at the top or bottom of the page. Perhaps your layout includes a wavy line….can the title also follow the wave pattern? Titles can be split to show up on 2 different parts of your layout, or can be placed around an object on the page. A title on an angle that follows an embellishment also adds interest.

Layout by Julie Gillespie

Layout by Julie Gillespie

What is Your Title Made Of?:

The title also doesn’t have to be in all the same font or size. Using one of the words of the title as the focus and making it larger will bring the viewer’s attention to that word. It would then be followed by the rest of the title in a smaller font. A longer title can be shortened by using a small font for the “little words” (at, be, and, etc.) or numerals instead of spelling out numbers (11 instead of eleven). Embellishments can be used to take the place of the dot of an “i” or of an “o”. String or ribbon can be used to create letters. Doodling or zentangles can be used to create letters. The font itself can often convey a sense of the emotion or action of a page. Is your page playful and colourful? Then you may want to use block lettering in complimentary colours. Is your page vintage or romantic? Then a script font might look best.

This sketch challenge thread shows several good examples of different fonts and title materials.

Layout by Michele Harris

Layout by Tracey Gordon

Layout by Shelley Scheeringa

There is lots of great inspiration on the Scrapping Turtle gallery! There is a lot of talent in the ST pond - don't be afraid to try something new or to push the envelope when it comes to your titles and journaling.

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