Thursday, July 21, 2011

DT Special Assignment Day!

Alright, I am back on track and all caught up now!  So, here is this week's Special Assignment brought to you by Michele.

A Christmas Mini

by Michele (Mimita) Harris

First off, this video is 38 minutes long.

In making this video, my goal was to give beginners a sense of direction as to where to begin in making a mini photo album. I also wanted to share tricks and ideas and so, I turned this mini into a Brads’ Special in order to offer content to the more advanced crafter as well. Hopefully; it can inspire everyone.

I added still images of the finished mini at the bottom of this post, so that you can see the detail of each page.

On a side note: When I say it’s difficult at the very end of the clip, I am not referring to the task I am doing (which really is easy!) I mean that it’s difficult to focus on what you’re doing when you have a camera watching your every move!! LOL

The Content:

3 short Chapters on where to begin:
- Base and photos
- Explore 4 colour mediums
- Paper and ornaments

3 short Tutorials:
- Easy matting
- i-Rock Tool and gems
- Embossing Brads

12 Ways of using Brads

The complete mini

Click Here to View The Video Titled: A Christmas Mini

While it is not shown on the video, I will protect my mini with 3 coats of clear acrylic sealant. This is important!! It will protect the mini from any kind of stains. Moreover, anything embossed is fragile (it can chip if you’re not careful in manipulating your mini) and sometimes excessive heat will cause the glue, used for papers and ornaments, to melt. For example, if the mini was left in the car on a hot summer day...

More Brad ideas!!

Hold Transparencies with Brads:

Cluster Brads to create an area of interest:

Another Brad Frame:

Doodle a fish around a Brad:

Make a Bug with Brads:

Use Brads to emphasize a colour and add texture on a background:

Another Circle made of Brads:

Accent Paper Patterns with Brads:

Last but NOT least (it’s my Favourite!!!): Doodle an apple with a Brad:
Brought to you by Guest Artist: Julie Gillespie, DT member for Scrapping Turtle

Check out Julie’s work on Scrapping Turtle’s Facebook – Blog – Forum
She is very talented and creative! So are my other teammates of course!! But I so fell in love with this little apple, I just had to show it here. Many thanks Julie for letting me!!!!

The Finished Mini

Special Thanks to my husband Jeff who filmed, directed, edited, stayed up late and made all this possible!!

Special Thanks also to Julie Gillespie, my guest artist!!

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