Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Product Highlight - Imaginisce I-Rock

"This tool will rock your world! The i-rock will permanently affix rhinestones, jewels, pearls, or mirrors to paper, fabric, or even furniture to create a dazzling masterpiece! It's so easy! No need for messy glue."

Taken from the Imaginisce website

There are accessories to make this tool a must-have.....

I-Rock Stencils - the essential tool to getting perfect placement every time
Hot Rocks Compacts - Each mini hot rock is self-adhesive and just needs a touch from the i-rock tool to totally dress up any project. And you get 800 or more of them!
Glam Rocks - These gems come in 5 dazzling styles so you'll want to get them all.

And, don't forget, for the month of November all of this will be 15% off! Now is the perfect time to pop into the store and pick these goodies up to try for yourself!!
Check out what the DT did with it...........

Shelley - Now I can put bling anywhere I want to and in any shape!!! The tool heats up quickly and you only have to hold it on the bling for a few seconds for the glue to melt. These little cards were part of my DT kit. It was one of the sheets of paper, and I simply cut them out with my trimmer, added some coordinating cardstock, then glued the bling on with the I-Rock to dress them up a bit. Very quick little announcement or thank you cards.

Vicki - Oh boy this tool is FUN!!!! I've been "blinging" everything in site!! I used it first on my sneak layout, then I made a card and decorated Sid's plain shirt from her Halloween costume.

Tanya - WOW, WOW, WOW! What a neat tool, and so super easy to use. Without a doubt it is my new favourite tool! I used it to accent my border punch on this layout. Its great to be able to put them in all the right places without having to lift them up and reposition them.

For the second layout, I used them on acrylic letters and shapes. I found with the acryllic you need to hold the tool on the bling a little longer (maybe 10 instead of 5 seconds) in order to get a good stick.

Heather - I wanted to try the i-Rock on a glass surface to see how well it would work. I used one of the fabulous i-Rock stencils to help with the placement of the bling and also to help keep them in place on the slippery surface. Like Tanya I found that I needed to hold the tool on longer with the glass. I also discovered that they will slide easily so you have to hold them very still.

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