Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer is sailing on

We are already into the second week of summer holidays and I haven't started my petition for year-round schooling so things are going well!!! I hope that everyone is having some down time, some sunshine and some chances to just be a kid again time. In the midst of the towels and the sunscreen, picnics and popsicles, I am sure there are lots of photos being taken and memories being made. There are lots of great new products in the store to help you preserve those memories. From the rainbow wall of Doodlebug, to the fabulous Share and Tell system from Pebbles (which really takes the "I don't have time to scrapbook" excuse out of your vocabulary) there are lots of great things to see.

Next week Hannah and I are off to CHA and we will be looking to bring in some more new goodies to enhance your pages and some new class ideas to spark your creativity as well. We are on the lookout for the sneak peaks and can't wait to see what the designers have planned for the fall and winter.

If you are a QA member - check the forum or your email for the list of materials needed for this weeks class. I promise it isn't a marathon - this time!!!!!!!!

There are some classes planned for later this month as well - a card class and our first "Mom and Me class" so be sure to check out the last newsletter for those details. Also don't forget the draw we are doing for free gas.....because it is still worth the drive to St Jacob's!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!!

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