Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No serious damage was sustained

to the crop room when Hannah opened the suitcases yesterday afternoon. You wouldn't know it to see the explosion of stuff on the two tables but everything has been set back to right. They were working on it when I left last night. I've started gathering images for new product that should start arriving as soon as 2 weeks from now. Didn't we just finish getting stuff from CHA Winter? Now we start to look forward to all the new stuff. The new Little Yellow Bicycle Lines are so CUTE, as are the two Imaginisce lines that will be coming. For some reason everyone is into Halloween this year and we have some cute Halloween stuff coming for your layouts - of adults, pets or kids. There will be product from companies we have in the store now and from several new companies.

Well, back to work but I thought I would add a bit of an update. A bright spot in this dark day.


Regan said...

so excited for the COPICS!!! do you have any classes planned?

Scrapping Turtle Pond said...

We don't have classes planned yet, we have to get the product in and play with it ourselves ;). We did manage to get a couple to play with so hopefully we will have some classes in the fall.

Tracey said...

I CAN'T WAIT to see all the new goodies!! I am so in need of new papers!!