Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!

What a beautiful way to celebrate Canada's 141st birthday! The sun is shining here in St. Jacobs and people are out wandering around. The market was surprisingly quiet at 9:00 this morning, though the boys did spot someone going with racks of buns and bread and commented that someone was having a barbecue! Whatever you are doing to celebrate the day, do it safely.

July is off to a start with a bang here. With a large quantity of boxes expected this week we are moving things around today to make room for all of it. We still have some great deals in our Sidewalk Sale area, but they won't last long. Hannah added some stuff to it again yesterday.

Today also marks the start of our new promotion. You already know how friendly we are here. It's worth the drive just for that, but we've got added incentive for you. Not only do you get great prices on your summer scrapbook supplies (and more are arriving each week), but for every $25 you spend in the store (sorry, this one isn't available online) you will receive a ballot for a chance to win a $100 gas card. Should you win it, it's almost like we paid YOU to come visit us. If not, you've still had a chance to come enjoy our cool, sometimes downright cold, store, wander the village, pick up some baking and maybe have an ice cream cone. We have one other small condition - you must be a Canadian resident. You don't have to come in wearing red and white, but the gas card must be taken as awarded, and is not valid outside Canada. We don't like to put restrictions on things, but unfortunately we have to on this one.

I'll let you know later this week as the new stuff becomes available in store and online.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!!

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Rosanne said...

Wow that's a pretty awesome deal!