Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Friday!

I have to keep reminding myself that today is Friday. Yesterday felt so much like Saturday that it was confusing my brain! (not hard to do these days I tell you!) It's been a roller coaster of a week trying to get one of our orders delivered from UPS. Oooh right, excuse me, UPS "FREIGHT" - because apparently they are different companies. Can we say NIGHTMARE! Long story short, Lori's 10 year old twins carried the shipment up to the store because the driver wouldn't. Now that is just sad. This is after it took 4 days to get the shipment to the store when it was supposed to come Monday. The joys of running a retail business 101. SO needless to say, we had LOTS of boxes from Bazzill to unpack last night! (Once again many thanks to those 10 year old twins who did a mighty fine job unpacking/checking orders and even putting the Bazzill away!)

Who else did we get goodies from you ask? ooooh well let me tell you! We got the absolutely, jaw dropping, drool creating DREAM STREET! This stuff is even better than I remember it at CHA! Honestly, it really is. We were all fawning over it and Bev was cursing me for ordering so many papers that she liked and MUST use for classes. Now that's what I like to hear! I'm pretty sure this is top of the "to do" list this morning for Lori and I to display in the store. YUM. This stuff is not going to last long that's for sure! (Don't worry, Teresa will be working on it today to get it online!)

Let's see, what else... Pebbles also arrived. The Share & Tell albums will be coming in April, but we got 5 lines from them yesterday. Their four newest lines - School Days, Summer Days, Zoo Fun and Easter Time and then everyone's favourite - Make A Wish. I love the simplicity of these lines, a couple double sided papers, a few stickers, and some matching die cuts. Easy Peasy Scrapbooking! Gotta love it! We also have the Scrapbookits in all of these lines.

Part of our book order also arrived with Photo Freedom by Stacey Julian and (oy I forget the actual title) a Creative Mini Album Book by Donna Downey. Can't wait to dig into both of them!

Rusty Pickle
arrived toting Chocolate Bunnies, White Chocolate Bunnies and Lucky! Now is that perfect timing or what!? Just in time for St. Patty's Day and Easter! Love these lines, be sure to check them out!

So all of you Pirate lovers out there... we received our March dies from QuicKutz. Mmmmmm QuicKutz. The March release consists of Pirate themed dies for the Squeeze and the Revolution! They are so cute! Too bad we didn't have these babies back in September for our Pirate Princess Crop for Breast Cancer!

Well as far as the new stuff, I think that is it. I am sure I am missing something, but then it will just be more of a surprise! LOL Like I mentioned before, Teresa will be working on getting the new stuff online today, so be patient if you are an online shopper. :) Lori and I will be working on getting all of these yummies displayed in the store today, so stop in and check them out. But beware we might put you to work! LOL

Also don't forget, tomorrow is the deadline for Design Team Submissions! We are in trouble, we have so many talented people that have applied! I don't know how we can only pick a few, it's going to be hard. Tomorrow is also Bev's Grunge Card Class! She still has some seats available so if you have been drooling over the cards when you come into the store, just give us a call and we will sign you up!

Ok, I should probably go get ready now! If I'm late, Lori beats me. hehe. Have a great day!


Tracey said...

SO many great things to look forward to! Can't wait to see it all!

You need to fire that delivery service! Oh, and give Lori's twins a little extra something for all their hard work!

By the way, I laughed right out loud at the "Lori beats me" comment! Too funny!!!

KimmyKimKim said...

I can't wait to see all the new stuff! Sounds like you are working hard but having fun too - and that's the important thing!