Friday, March 7, 2008

The Big Bite is Here!!

Oooooh it's here, in all of its orangey-yellowy goodness! YUM! The Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite! All of us Turtles love the original Crop-A-Dile, even that dangerous pink one that keeps showing up at our crops! Now you can reach into the center of your 12" papers or albums to punch holes and/or set eyelets, how cool is that!? This new tool does all the same awesome stuff as the original, except it now has a 6" reach and it's a table-top version so it's easier to maneuver your eyelet setting and easier to squeeze! Stop in and get yours today!


Tracey said...

Ooooh, this is on my must-have list!!

KimmyKimKim said...

I really really really really really really want one of these.
Ladies - if the dh comes in before Mothers Day - you know what to do!!!
I'll owe you big time!