Monday, August 3, 2009

August Product Highlight!

This month we are doing things a little differently. Our Product Highlight this month is the super cute and fun to alter chipboard albums from Fontwerks.

Currently in stock are the 4x4 books (4 pages, 2 rings, $2.49), 5x7 books (4 pages, 2 rings, $3.49), the 6x6 books (6 pages, 3 rings, $3.49), the 6x9 books (4 pages, 3 rings, $4.49) and the 8x8 books (6 pages, 3 rings, $4.49).
As always, for the month of August, these books are 15% off!!!!

Each member of the Design Team received one of these fabulous books to play with. In order to showcase them all (without filling this post with pictures) there will be one revealed each day!

Today, we start with this adorable one by Anne Marie.

"I got to work with the 5X7 and loved it!"


"I actually used a brown lunch bag on the right side for a pull out."

"Here it is showing my hidden journaling."

"I used fun foam to pop up this picture."

"I used a glitter pen to add a bit to the eyes and scarves on the snowmen"

"Here is the other half of the brown lunch bag on the right."

"Here is what you pull out of the bag!!! I used a coaster!"

"Coming to an end."

"Back Page."

Don't forget to pop back tomorrow for the next reveal!

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Heather said...

Fabulous mini album Anne Marie!!!