Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who has Turtle Pride?!?!

I'm sure you know what tomorrow's a little might have heard of it....ScrapFest is just about here!! And of course Scrapping Turtle will be there to meet all of your scrappy needs!! We're situated right inside the front door again this year so make sure you come by and see us!!

Oh, and be sure to wander the floor showing your Turtle Pride!! Break out those Turtle shirts, Turtle totes, paint yourself green, wear a shell - whatever you're feeling!!

Why you ask?!?! Well, besides the obvious reason of supporting the very best scrappy store there is you can win yourself a chance at some Prima goodies!!

Here's the scoop.....

For every purchase made at the Turtle booth or if you are spotted out on the floor showing that Turtle pride you can win a ticket!!

Why do you want one of these tickets?!?! Well, hold onto it and yours just might bring you some luck. SEVEN times over the course of the weekend we will randomly draw one of those tickets and grant someone a chance to scoop some Primas!! The winner gets 5 seconds to scoop all the Primas they can into a bag!! Seriously, who doesn't love Primas?!?! Anyone?!? Nope, I thought not!

So, get that Turtle gear out and win yourself some pretty flowers to scrap with!!


Claudia and Luke said...

thanks for including the bags cause I don't have a shirt....

QueenBee Rowe said...

Sounds like fun! fun! fun! Thanks Turtle girls for a fun contest