Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Have you ever thought of becoming

a published author? Scrapbooks, Etc. has launched a new program called Stories by Everyone, where you can create a hardcovered book with your own photos and story inside. The pages are printed on glossy paper in full colour. Looking for an anniversary gift? How about a personalized book on what you love about your significant other? Do you have a new baby? Scrapbooks, Etc. has a template for creating a book about the baby's first year, or first month when you change things around. Do you want to tell a friend how much you appreciate them? How about a book about your history together? You can even do up a "just because" book. All of the templates are alterable, so you make the book uniquely yours ... but you don't have to have all of the ideas from start to finish ... they'll help you along the way.

These digital books come in various sizes, depending on which book you choose. Choose your book and size, upload your photos, alter the story to suit your story and you're done.

There are some books that are available to everyone. Other, exclusive books require a special code to access. Our code is 2JJA23SH3V. This code not only opens up a whole special series of books, but it also gives you free shipping! To create your own digital book, go to Stories By Everyone today!

We have a sample of the We Are Family book in the store. Take a minute to check it out next time you are in.

While you're at it, check out the other new stuff that has arrived this week. I'm just working on gathering images now ... you won't be disappointed. Where we are going to put everything is still a question but Lori will find room somewhere, she always does. I'll blog about the new arrivals as soon as I get them up on the website.

** More Information on Stories By Everyone can be found HERE on our website **

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Anonymous said...

Where do you enter the code to see the other books?