Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Morning Ontario!

Lori and I are back from Utah! We definitely miss waking up to see the gorgeous mountains, but it is good to be home too! I missed Blake the dog, and the turtles, and even Bob. hehe. Sorry we haven't had a chance to check in, we were traveling yesterday and just too pooped on Thursday! However, I have winners to announce! So... I will not keep you waiting any longer! The winners of the squeeze die sets are....

Random numbers

Each value was randomly selected, with an equal chance
of choosing any integer between 1 and 17.



Congratulations Denise and Kim!! I will try to dig them from the bottom of my suitcase to bring to the yard sale this morning!! ;)

Speaking of Yard Sales.... I hope you are all up and getting ready to get some great deals! I always get a kick at how much longer the line gets each year!! ;) Of course if I don't get my butt on the move, I am not going to get there in time to see it!

Lori and I had a great time in Utah, we learned lots of stuff and have some great ideas to implement now that we are back. We saw some great ideas coming from product development that unfortunately we are not able to share (no really, we even had to sign papers!) but that we know you will not be disappointed with! We truly love working with QuicKutz, they are a fantastic company run by fantastic people. We are very proud to be a QuicKutz retailer!! So, you know what, I have another QuicKutz prize! What can I say... Gary hooked me up! ;)

Today's topic... we love QuicKutz for their innovative dies and machines, their amazing quality and their awesome service... they are our favorite vendor.

soo... what makes Scrapping Turtle your favorite store!? ;) Share some love, let the staff know what they are doing right to make you happy!! I've been blessed to be able to work with these great people... and sometimes they need to hear just how wonderful they are!

I am giving away TWO sets of Revolution Dies (each set contains 3 dies). I'll be posting a winner on Sunday so make sure you post by midnight tonight!

See you at the Yard Sale!!!


Deanna said...

Well I love the turtle cause you have awesome selection, you always look for what people want and get it in! I love the little technique station... brilliant! Oh and the staff are awesome, ya'll are so friendly! Oh and your design team is awesome too *giggle*!

Katie's Life said...

Glad to have you back ladies!
What I think makes The Scrapping Turtle the best store is the people!!!!
Yes, you have an amazing array of product, fabulous prices and offer a great number of classes and techniques, but I think it is the way that you treat your customers that keeps everyone coming back for MORE!!!!
Whether it is needing help to find the perfect paper, advice on a new product or technique or just a friendly "HEllO" the Turtle ladies are always there!!!
Thanks ladies!!!

KimmyKimKim said...

Guys - thanks so much!!
The yard sale kicked butt again! I spent too much but when I explain it to Dave later I will let him know the truth - the value of what I got was at least 3 or 4 times more than the purchase price.
Yes - let's go with that.
Also, I loved the Turtle TV segments and I think we should make that a regular occurence broadcasting live from all over! Even from the in-store events.

KathyP said...

Just got back from the amazing yard sale ! This was my second sale and I got lots of goodies, plus some new supplies from the store. The check out was made even more efficient with the help of Kaitlyn and friend who prepared the orders (and saved Teresa's finger nails) and bagged them up. It was all hands on deck for the Turtle staff who are always so friendly and helpful - good job again !!! - Scrappin'Kathy

Tracey said...

You all know I love the Turtle! I drive all the way from Oakville to make it my lss!!! All of you Turtle folk rock!!! You never fail to help me with any questions or anything I have. But you also take the time to get to know and be friends with us "turtles". I love coming into the store where I am greeted by name and feel like you enjoy my company (and not just my money)! Plus, the in-store selection rocks!! I never fail to see something that I haven't found before!

Oh, and of course, how could I not love the Turtle when you all clearly love my baby girl! She's a little Turtle addict too!!!

Regan said...

I love the variety pf products, stamps, embellishments, chipboard, lots of PP lines you name it you guys have you are all so funny!

mellissa said...

Wow, what makes The Scrapping Turtle my FAV store?? Do we have all day and 3 pages to write on, lol?? I love everything about the store but what really makes it a fantastic place to visit is the warm welcome you receive when you walk in there.

Jillian said...

Congrats to Kim and Denise!!

I have to say, I love coming into the Turtle to see all the friendly faces!! I'm always warmly greeted at the door, and all the staff is very knowledgable about the product as well. The customer service is fabulous, and I always feel welcome! It keeps me coming back! :)

QueenBee Rowe said...

I can honestly say the Turtle is my favorite store, and it's because of the people. Every visit there is really an experience.... not just a shopping trip. They are never too busy to share their knowledge, awesome talent, and love of this craft. My favorite thing is that I finally started to actually scrapbook after visiting the Turtle...not just collect supplies (although I am addicted to that ;-) The staff there have removed the 'fear' of actually trying things. Love you guys!!

wustaz said...

I have to share the love ladies. You guys are the Turtle. It is all about the peolpe (and the awesome scrapping stuff is the icing on the cake) I want to spend time in the store just to hang out because it feels like I am with old friends. Thank you all for being you!

wustaz said...

come to think about it, the only thing that you guys could do better is have tea and those awesome cookies waiting for us when we arrive LMBO

Vicki said...

You guys have an awesome selection and you are so darn friendly. Not mention that cool kids play area!!

Lee Anne S said...

I love Lori's hugs (we go way back), Bev's cards, Teresa's amazing online pictures so I can shop at 1am and Hannah and Bob because they own the Turtle! I love that you all share my excitement for this great hobby. The Turtle is a fun and happy place!