Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Apparently not as many people were doing a family thing today as we thought would be ... or at least they weren't doing it at home. The plan for today was that I would be able to get lots of the new stuff on our site for your viewing and drooling pleasure. However, the visitors to St. Jacobs had other ideas and I had a very, VERY busy afternoon.

I did manage to get some new product up, however. If you haven't been in to check out the new Bazzill colours or textures, you can see them online now. The Dotted Swiss cardstock is flying out of here. We are already out of a couple of the colours and it has only been out on the shelf for about 2 weeks! Each family has 3 colours in it, except for the "neutral" Salt and Pepper. This is a texture that is easily visible. The dots are embossed right into the cardstock.

We have also received our shipment of Destinations (with the exception of a couple of colours). This line is an addition to the canvas texture. With colours like "Vancouver", "Sydney" and "Geneva" you can take a trip around the world in our cardstock area.

Have you seen the new SEI Christmas lines, Alpine Frost and Glitzmas? What great papers these are! Hannah ordered the best of the bunch (some of them really aren't that nice), and a good assortment of the accessories. Alpine Frost is designed for those with a more "classic" taste in Christmas colours, while Glitzmas is funkier. Both lines are filled with shimmer, glitter, some foil ... blinged up Christmas!

Watch this space for more images of new arrivals in the store. I have lots of work ahead of me this week with gathering and resizing images!
Oh, and another thing that has been happening today ... people have been dropping off their items for the Yard Sale this Saturday. It isn't too late if you want to include items. All items MUST be dropped off by Thursday at 6:00 so we can get it sorted and out on Friday. We will have someone at the door at 9:00 on Saturday morning so we can get the Yard Sale underway! The sale will run 9-3.
Okay, I'm off to get some more stuff done but I like to keep you updated. Hannah and Lori should be arriving in Utah shortly to start their week filled with all things QuicKutz (and visiting some of our other suppliers).

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Regan said...

I got a pile of that dotted swiss- I'm in love, I also got some SEI christmas

RUN before its all gone!!!