Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Die Storage.....

Looking for a storage solution for all of those dies running amok in your craft space?!?!?!

Check out this fabulous EZMagnetic Binder System!!  I discovered this system while doing some blog surfing and knew it was perfect for all of the small dies I have kicking around!!  I had the store order a system in for me and I love it!!!  I purchased the smaller binder and it works amazingly!!  I am planning to get the larger one as well to hold my cookie cutter fonts, nesting dies and other larger dies.

There are other systems, of course, that work beautifully.  It is all a matter of preference!  This one works for me and I thought I would share in case you thought it would work for you too!!  I love being able to snap this binder closed and pack it in my crop bag to have all my dies safe and secure in one place!

Contact the store today to order this system for yourself!!!

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