Sunday, May 15, 2011

DT Special Assignment Day!

I am finally here with last week's special assignment!  These Blogger issues were making me crazy!!  This is not my main blog so of course Blogger would not let me sign out of mine and sign into this one.  It was making me a little NUTS!!!  Anyway, I am here now so let's get on with it.

This week's tutorial is from Michele and she is going to show you how to make some super fabulous Milk Carts.

The milk cart; good for any occasions. It makes a really nice gift for all ages. And it’s actually very easy to do. I’m slow; I like to take my time. And I made these 4 milk carts, including decorating and taking half of these pictures, all in one afternoon. Try it, it’s fun!! And you are bound to make someone, on the receiving end, very happy!

One 12x12 card stock or any sturdy paper
Four 6cm x 11cm (2.3 inch x 4.25 inch) leftover papers and whatever to decorate a bit
One 28cm (11 inch) piece of ribbon
Four eyelets (optional)

First, start with a 12x12 cardstock, or any paper, but choose one that is sturdy, not flimsy. Measure where your folding lines and cutting lines will be. I drew thick lines across mine to make it clear for you but you could just mark with tiny dots.

2 cm = 0.8 inch
4 cm = 1.6 inch
7 cm = 2.75 inch
12 cm = 4.75 inch

Now cut the excess off and you have something like this. Mark to round the top corners and cut the indentations on the right:

This is it:

Mark four more folding lines (the two triangles):

Score along every line:

Erase your marks:

And you have something like this:

Cut on the bottom and also the small part on the top right (that you see well on pics 2 and 3):
(I forgot to cut it earlier!! LOL Sorry, that's why it's light and hand-drawn... so sorry, hehehe)

Now fold every line:

This is what you get:

Mark 2 spots on each tab (center in the same place on both, they will line up when you glue your container together:

Pierce your four holes:

Set in your eyelets (this is optional, just holes will do if you don’t have eyelets):

Don’t glue yet but if you now fold, this is what you get; you’re already seeing your cart:

Now you can decorate as you please. It’s easier to decorate before gluing, this way you can work flat on the table:

If you want an edge going all the way around, unless you use fabric ribbon, I suggest you cut into 4 pieces (instead of one long piece); this way it will fold better in the end.

Once you have finished decorating, you are ready to glue your container. Start on the bottom:

Bring your four flaps together one by one:

Like this:

Now you can glue the side:

And the top part:

Cut a ribbon (about 11 inches) and before you close the container with it, fill with goodies of course, here I have Easter chocolates but you could put anything in here, hot chocolate, what not:

And tada!! This is the finished product.


I placed the chocolates in a plastic bag that went in the Milk Carts... What if the chocolate melts...)

And of course, the dimensions can be changed to fit any need!!

I used papers and stickers from the beautiful Best Creations' Bunny Love collection to decorate my milk carts.

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