Monday, September 15, 2008

What a day!

Thanks to all who made it out to our Customer Appreciation Day! It was a an awesome day and we enjoyed spending it with you. There was a lot going on in here that's for sure. Vicki Boutin was here teaching two amazing classes, Katharina Doyle was here from Canadian Scrapbooker doing make & takes and signing autographs, and even Lisa from ScrapFest came to join in the festivities! It was a great day all around, and many cookies were eaten in the process!

Thank you again for all of your support and for giving us such a wonderful year so far!!

Of course those of you who were here yesterday are probably wondering "WHO WON THE KIT!!!" I know I said the winning ticket would be posted last night, unfortunately my computer was NOT co-operating last night... so I will post it now!! The winning ticket is...

Congratulations to the holder of ticket # 241142!!!

Thanks for a great day and see you at the next Customer Appreciation Event!! Now Teresa is kicking me off of the computer so she can get new products online!


Deanna said...

Poop not me! Congrats to the winner!

Regan said...

It wasnt me but CONGRATS to whoever won !!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't get my ticket so it's not the number!!

Looks like fun! Too bad I was busy...wish I could have been there.