Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What are you doing on Saturday?

I know that I will be away, but Lori is going to be busy teaching another of her 'famous' Scenic Route card classes. This class initially filled before it was even advertised anywhere ... that's how famous it is. She has since managed to scrape together a bit more of the paper, so she was able to add a few seats to the class. There are 6 spots left but they may not last much longer. If you have a teacher gift to get ready, this might be just the ticket. You will make an amazing 15 cards in three hours (and they will be all done in that time) for a mere $30. Call now ... you know you want to. What better way to escape that housework than spending the time with Lori here at the Turtle?

You would think ...that a long 5 months after CHA everything would have arrived and everyone would be anxious for the new stuff that would be coming out of the next show - which is a month away. The scrapbooking world just doesn't seem to work that way. On Saturday Hannah took another road trip to pick up new product - and it was just that "new product". She picked up three delicious lines from Chatterbox. You should see this stuff ... oh, wait, you can ... it's on the website with a bit of a peek here. All of the papers are double sided.

First there is the Eclectique line. One of the papers took me way, way back to before my memory began (and definitely older than some of our readers and customers) to the time of Laugh In.

See what I mean? Okay ... it doesn't shrink down well but it gives you some idea. Next comes Botanico. Can you guess what that might be? Of course you can.

This one is called Green Oak. The reverse side of this line of paper is all wood grain in one of three colours. The third line which set Hannah's heart to flutter is Happy Day. Filled with birds, butterflies and trees it is a brightly coloured line.

The accessories are plentiful for these three lines and should be seen to be oohed and aahhhed over.
More 'stuff' arrived on Saturday and yesterday but I'm still working on all of that. You'll just have to wait for the information. Let's just say that some of it is sooooooo CUTE!!

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