Monday, June 9, 2008

Here it is, the end of another hot, summery day

and another day spent wrapping things up at the store after the events of the weekend. Of course, putting a couple of events behind us means looking at the events to come. We have so many classes coming up ... wish I could take some of them but that work thing gets in the way (never mind the family thing). This time I'll focus on the closest event ... Lisa's Good Times book using the Birdie Bits line of paper from Dream Street. Have you seen this book sitting on the counter at the store? What a cute book!!! Here's what the cover looks like (in case you need a reminder, or haven't seen it at all)

Lisa has done a great job with this class. She mixes both the rectangle and square pages, has created an extended page, uses Ranger Stickles, Fontwerks labels and Deja Views rub ons. To add an extra personal touch she will have you sewing and stamping and finish off the project with a bit of bling and a touch of felt. The colours are great for summer photos of picnics, pool parties or just hanging out. Escape the sun and heat while creating this cute book on Saturday morning (yes, it's this week).

Hannah is sending me messages about a new newsletter ... so watch for that coming too. There are so many things planned for everyone. Never a dull moment in the Turtle Pond.

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Scrapping Turtle Pond said...

I love this book! Lisa did a fantastic job.