Sunday, February 3, 2008

Is it over yet???

That's what I say everyday... Is it over yet? ... NOPE... *sigh*

The carpet comes tomorrow!! HOORAY!! We will find out how long it will take them to get it all down, as this is pretty much our last step... well excluding putting it all back together again! Why do I feel like my store is Humpty Dumpty?? eek. We are exhausted, to say the least. We excited for it to all be finished so we can get back to normal. If you can call us normal! HAHA.

Our PLAN is to have the carpet in on Monday and Tuesday, and to put everything back together on Wednesday. We would LOVE to be open by Thursday, we will definitely keep you posted!

Here are the pics I promised the other day! :)


Tracey said...

It is so hard to visualize the final result from those pictures! It looks like CHAOS!!! I can't wait to see it on Saturday!!!

Mindy said...

I was thinking the same thing!

Kellyh said...

Looks crazy! Is the whole store packed up!??? Yikes, you are going to be exhausted after putting it all together. I can't wait to see the finished result!

Amanda said...

WOW! Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the "new" store!!! More room to play!!!!!!