Thursday, April 21, 2011

DT Special Assignment Day!!

Thursday is here again and that means another Design Team member is here with some fabulous inspiration.  This week Julie is going to give us some more ideas for making your own handmade flower embellishments.  Learning to make these are fabulous.  You no longer have to go on a crazy hunt for flowers that match when you can just use your patterned paper and have instant matches!!

Alright, let's get to it.....

Continuing on from Jenn's tutorial on flowers, I have 3 very easy flowers that I like to do also.

Flower # 1

The first is a "lolli-pop" flower. First cut 5-7 circles of decreasing sizes (my smallest here is 1 inch wide). Here I've used kraft paper, but any paper can be used.

 Then stamp each circle with the colour and stamp design of your choice.

Spray each circle with Smooch Spritz or a glimmer mist.

Scrunch each circle into a tight ball, then unfold and let dry

Ink the edges and raised portion of the wrinkled bits to highlight them.

Secure with a brad or with glue dots and a button or gem in the centre.

Flower #2

The next flower is a spiral flower. I started with a 4" square, a 6" square and a 1" circle.

Using a pair of scissors, in this case I used a scalloped edge pair, cut the square into a circle. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Keeping the width of your piece as even as possible, start from the outside edge and cut towards the centre in a spiral. At the centre you want to leave a small circle as this is what you will glue the flower to.

Starting from the outside edge, roll the paper towards the centre, keeping the bottom edge even. Roll fairly tightly.

One you reach the middle, hold the flower in the cup of your palm and allow it to slightly unravel slowly until the desired size is reached. Spread glue on the little circle and press the spiral into the glue to secure. Once set, I like to squish the edges down a bit by pressing the flower down with the palm of my hand. Ink the edges, spray with glimmer mist, use Stickles, add a little gem to the centre...the possibilities for finishing these off are many and varied...just go for it!

Flower #3

I haven't shown the step by step process for these, because they are very easy, and it's really just to show that you can mix and match patterned papers to achieve the effect you want for your layout. For these I cut the flower shapes using my silhouette, but any die-cuts or punches can be used. Use 2-5 layers for the best effect. Inking the edges gives depth to your flowers. Curl your petals slightly using your fingers to give it more shape. Finish them off with a brad, gem, button or other embellishment in the centre.

 and lastly, a quick peek at something to come...Pop in on May 2nd to learn more!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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