Monday, September 6, 2010

Product Highlight - Stix2

This month we are focusing on Products from the Stix2 line. The Transfer Foil, Seed Bee'd/Glitter and PVA glue are all 15% off this month so grab some up while you can!!

These are the perfect products to add a little extra 'oomph' to your project.

Check out the Design Team projects below to get some ideas on how to put these fabulous products into play.
Shelley - First I used the Stix2 foil on the letters, by only spreading on a little glue randomly then pressed the foil in two colours on the still tacky glue and the result is a shiny grundge look!!!

Tanya - I really wanted to take full advantage of the control you can get with the metal nib on this glue. I decided to fill in some of the spaces in the paper with the glue, then added glitter (on the spiral pp images). The glue dries clear so there is no problem using any colour of glitter. To tie the colour across the page, I used the Stix2 foil on sticker letters (can you tell there are 3 different colours of stickers under the foil?). A solid coat of glue and then foil over the top. If there were misses spots I went back and added a little more so I had complete coverage.

Heather - I love the effect I achieved using the PVA glue and the foil on the leaves and petals of the large flower, and then adding some red glitter to the centre of the flowers.

Vicki - I was a little worried about the foil as I've done gold leafing before in my jewellery design and found it really difficult. But, the Stix2 Foil is nothing like it. It's simple, doesn't blow away when you breathe and doesn't stick where you don't want it too.

Oh, and don't forget we are only a few short days away from our Grand Re-Opening Celebration! The store is open today but will be closed the remainder of the week. We will reopen on Saturday September 11th at 9am when we let the festivities begin!!

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