Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a wonderful group

of Turtles we have in our pond. So many of you came out to share in our Third Anniversary celebrations. The auction on Sunday was a successful wrap to a very busy week. Almost everyone went home with something, whether they won the bid or whether one of the generous Turtles that inhabit our pond gifted them with something. No sooner do we have the Anniversary over than Hannah and Lori are abandoning us to the cold while they fly off to sunny California to participate in CHA. While this is a big event for them, with lots of planning and spending to take place, those of us left behind have to do something. Watch your mailboxes tomorrow ... I'm just saying ...

Also, while the weather is a bit cold for going outside it's a good time to start going through all your stuff and purging ... making room for all the new goodies that they may be ordering over the next week. We have the date set for the next Turtle Yard Sale. It will be held on Saturday, March 28. Forms will be available closer to the actual Yard Sale date but nothing is stopping you from starting to set those things aside that you are willing or ready to part with.

Hmmm, what else are we working on? Well, Lori has been hard at work planning her next QA class. She always comes up for amazing projects for those lucky to be part of QA and available to take the class each month.

We have a Sweepstakes on for QK. Between now and February 8, for every $25 you spend in the store or online you will receive a ballot for a chance to win the $1000 QK Sweepstakes. We will be drawing two names here at the store. You can also get ballots by signing up for our QK Mailing List (you can either add your name to the list in the store or sign up on the homepage of our website). Purchasing 5 dies will also get your name entered. See ... so many ways to participate, but time is limited.

We now have the beautiful Love Letters line from Little Yellow Bicycle in the store. I am working on getting it online so watch for images soon.

So many things to do ... I better get back at it.

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Jillian said...

I can't wait for an update from Hannah and Lori...not like they don't have enough to do..but I need to know!! LOL WHat have they ordered so far? ;0)