Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, the richness of it all

While we are still trying to find homes for all of the new product that arrived in those boxes last week I thought I would share a few more new arrivals. Since I'm even at work as I add this post, I can show you what they look like too!

So, you know that we received boxes from Bazzill. In those boxes were the new Birthstones Bling cardstock. The colours are rich and shiny and though they don't have a home yet, some people are enjoying it already.
And that was just the start of it! We also received the new "Wedding White" cardstock. Three beautiful white cardstocks with a much more subtle finish than the regular textures. The butterflies are so PRETTY!! They are embossed into the paper. The pinstripe one is white on white, and the third is the satin finish. Maybe I'll have to get some of that and work on my wedding album again for a bit.

We also received our Bazzill flowers and chipboard. Lots of new colours of flowers, and in four sizes, from 1" to 4", so they will work on any project. If you're a fan of chipboard, you'll love all the shapes we have now.

I better go get more of this new stuff up on the site.
Don't forget tomorrow is World Turtle Day (and you can get twice the turtle stamps for your money).

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